May 14th, 2002

My 1st time!

So this is what Live journal is all about. My friend will be happy that I wrote in my journal. She has been bugging me to write in it for some time now.

Well, this morning I woke up really early to meet my friend at the gym. We took aqua aerobics. What an awesome class. I recommend it to everyone. My arms and legs hurt right now but it's a good hurt. We also walked about 2 miles. I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. It's all about weight watchers and exercise. Count your points.

The rest of my day has been slow. I went to school after the gym and now I'm home. I might go to El Torito for taco tuesday tonight with Shawn. (He is my fiancee)Did you now that you could get yummy taco's for 75 cents? I'm not a drinker but you can also get margeritta's for $2.00.

I just got an exciting phone call. Ceder Fair asked me to do a few voice overs for there park in mall of america. I'm the voice of Sally Brown. (only in the amusement parks) If you come to Knott's Berry farm this summer you can hear me in the ice show and other venues.
I just got another phone call. I got an offer to pick up a few extra shifts at a Plastic Surgeons office. I used to work for him until I went back to school full time. I'm excited about working a few days there. I miss working there. If anyone needs a good doctor I can recommend one. I trusted him with my body.

Well I hope everyone has a great day/night!
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