June 17th, 2002

Another Day!

Well I just finished looking up my current grade in math class on the web and I have a B! Summer school isn't that bad. Only 2 weeks left :)

I have been going to the gym now for 2 months and on weight watchers for 7 weeks and I have lost a total of 8 pounds. On Friday at the weight watchers meeting they informed me that I didn't lose or gain any weight that week. :( She said because I'm short it will take longer to lose weight. She also said I'm not eating enough. Now isn't the point of weight watchers to help you stop eating so much? Why would they tell someone they need to eat more? That was the last thing I needed to hear. There reasoning behind it is that I'm working out to much, therefor I need to eat more. What ever!

This friday my mom and I are going to start looking for wedding dresses. I'm looking forward to that. My wedding is 376 days away! My grandma already has her dress. She bought it last week. She told me she is worried about looking prettier then me. I told her now that she has her dress and I know what it looks like I will have to go buy a dress that is even prettier then hers. My grandma makes me laugh. She is a typical jewish grandmother. She says she has to walk down the isle so she can show off her dress.
Well thats all for now......Have a nice day. I'm off to the gym to see my trainer you now the one alice has a crush on. :)
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